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“Although they’ve come… to the end of the road… They still can’t let it go…”

By :: July 31st, 2015

To the President’s desk: A short-term highway patch. Yesterday the Senate approved an $8 billion stop-gap authorization for federal transportation funding, with just a day to spare before funding is due to expire. This brings the number of short-term extensions in the past six years to 34. Congress will deal with a longer-term bill for […]

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Long-term Highway Funding: “Ain’t no time like three months from now”

By :: July 30th, 2015

Another summer kick of the can…down the “highway.” The Senate will vote today on its long-term highway bill. Of course, the House has already gone home for August, so the Senate will also extend federal highway funding for three months before it expires tomorrow. The White House signaled that President Obama will sign the short-term […]

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Another Short-Term Rescue and a Misdiagnosed Problem

By :: July 29th, 2015

The latest on highway funding… Just before leaving town for its August recess, the House approved a three-month extension of highway funding until October 29. That is likely to push  the Senate to follow suit. The Senate is likely to act tomorrow. Lawmakers say they’ll use the extra time to work with the White House […]

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Running Out the Clock on the Hill?

By :: July 28th, 2015

Highway funding work continues. The Senate continues its work on highway funding legislation, scrambling to finish its work by the end of the week. If it doesn’t send a bill over by tomorrow, the House will not have to time to consider it before current funding expires on Friday. Neither the House nor the Senate […]

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Compliance, Complications, and Competition

By :: July 27th, 2015

The latest from the Hill… The Senate continued its work on highway funding yesterday: It blocked Senator Ted Cruz’s effort to tie the bill to the Iran deal; approved reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank; and defeated a symbolic Affordable Care Act repeal amendment. The House and Senate both hope to pay for the road bill with […]

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"The Long and Winding Road... Will Never Disappear..."

By :: July 24th, 2015

The Senate’s six-year highway bill inches forward, after dropping a Social Security provision. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell won 14 Democrats’ votes for the bill after he agreed to drop a $2.3 billion offset. The money would have come from barring people with felony warrants from getting Social Security benefits. The Senate will keep voting on […]

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Big Talk, Growing Opposition

By :: July 23rd, 2015

Can the Senate pass a highway bill? Last night, the Senate finally voted to begin debate on its version of a transportation bill. But it is in for a tough slog thanks in part to two GOP presidential hopefuls. Ted Cruz has threatened to tie the Iran deal to the measure. The Texan wants an amendment that “ensures no Iranian nuclear deal unless Iran recognizes […]

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Reruns, R-Rated Reform, and Gimmickry

By :: July 22nd, 2015

Everything old is new again. It took the Senate Finance Committee about 90 minutes to move a bill to renew a slew of expired tax breaks for two years. The cost: $97 billion. Bloomberg notes that beneficiaries include Broadway producers, big banks, and wind-energy companies. Finance Chair Orrin Hatch said: “Each of these provisions have […]

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Highway Drama Drives Contingency Planning

By :: July 21st, 2015

Still on the Hill: Extenders and highway funding drama. Today, the Senate Finance Committee is expected to mark-up its proposed restoration of  expired tax breaks, and the full Senate plans to hold a procedural vote on highway funding legislation. Congress faces increasing pressure to move quickly given the July 31 deadline: Eighty-one public transportation unions […]

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ACA Effects and Estimates

By :: July 20th, 2015

Treasury shares tax filing data on the Affordable Care Act. It released data Friday that show 81 percent of tax filers “checked the box” to indicate that they had health insurance coverage. Nine percent claimed a health care coverage exemption, and 6 percent paid the fee for remaining uninsured without an exemption. About 4 percent still need […]

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