By :: August 7th, 2009

Representative Thaddeus McCotter, a fourth-term Republican from Livonia MI, has introduced the HAPPY Act—the Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years Act. It is HR 3501, and it was introduced on July 31. You could look it up.

The HAPPY Act would allow taxpayers to deduct up to $3,500-a-year in pet care expenses, including vet care.

The federal deficit so far this year is $1.268 trillion.

You might also think that Mr. McCotter would have more important issues on his mind. For instance, the unemployment rate in his home state of Michigan is 15.2 percent. According to Rep. McCotter’s official biography, “He has tirelessly fought to reduce taxes and the size and scope of government; and, most importantly, Congressman McCotter has dedicated every effort to listen to and serve his constituents.”

I’m sure.

Btw, Rep. McCotter might be interested in this tax return. Great minds and all that.

Here is an updated post on the Happy Act.