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Putting Together the Picture of Child Tax Provisions for Families

By :: May 2nd, 2011

Tax credits and deductions provide substantial assistance to families with children at all income levels. However, the value of tax provisions varies sharply depending on how much the family makes, whether the parents work or are married, how many children they have, their kids’ ages, and whether they attend college. In our new guide, “A […]

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Many Urban Poor File Their Taxes Early, Use Rapid Refunds

By :: April 18th, 2011

An interesting blog from my Urban Institute colleague Brett Theodos on the use of refund anticipation loans and refund anticipation checks among low-income tax filers:  It’s tax day, and gauging by past years, nearly 20 percent of us have yet to file. But something very different is going on for low-income families. Many were among the […]

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