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Corporate Tax Reform: Some Agreement, But Is Agreement Enough?

By :: February 5th, 2015

The President’s plan for corporate tax reform: Incomplete. TPC’s Howard Gleckman explains that while Obama’s budget renewed his call for cutting corporate tax rates, he again failed to show how he’d pay for most of the effort. He’s budgeted $141 billion for corporate tax reform over 10 years, but that covers less than 3 percent […]

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Five Lessons from the 1986 Tax Reform Act

By :: October 20th, 2011

October 22 is the 25th anniversary of the landmark Tax Reform Act of 1986. For those of us who still remember that remarkable event, it is a time to reminisce. But with tax reform back on the policy agenda, it may also be useful to consider some important lessons of  TRA 86. Here are five: […]

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